A Happy Song
Lyrics & music: P. Myrsten

I'm drinking strawberry champagne
I'm using blueberry shampoo
If you go out to pick some berries you can do it too

Go to the forest north of town
and pick some mushrooms there as well
And then you bring them home to make a mushroom soup to sell

To people passing by your door
You should keep it open of course
Some people will arrive by car while others come by horse

This is a song for happy people
but unhappy people may of course listen too
Let's see if I got what it takes to make you happy
Laugh and sing and shout is really all you got to do

I'm eating rhubarb marmalade
and crispy cheesecake jelly food
If I can take you home for dinner you can do it too

I'll make some chocolate pie with sauce
and also creamy onion bread
Or maybe you prefer to eat a hamburger instead

I know a restaurant down the road
They're serving everything you need
All dishes that they cook taste so extremely good indeed

(Repeat chorus)

I'm running marathon sometimes
Usually I just like to walk
Would you like to come with me somewhere for a little talk

I want to run away with you
to find the edge of our land
There we will watch the ocean with our feet deep in the sand

At last we will go for a swim
The water is so warm and clear
It's all so very beautiful, I'm glad that you are here

(Repeat chorus twice)