A Show for Eternity
(Lyrics & Music: O. Myrsten)

I came in so heavy protected
Felt the air and became strongly affected
of your hair and of your sound
swiftly moving your feet on the ground

I met your eyes in a serious discussion
Pulse went high, I almost got a concussion
I fell so slowly to the floor
handing out to reach for the door

Then it came to be
a show for eternity
A thing that was good for me
happened so instantly
I went all the way and found
happiness still around
If it will end some day
I’m glad for all the days

You would be the only solution
Maybe I made the wrong conclusion
But I don't regret the choice
listening to my inner voice

Always free with no one around us
Jokingly different matters to discuss
Nervousness and sometimes fear
keep the distance of anyone near

(Repeat chorus)

It came across my fantasies
and it came across my wildest dreams
I wouldn't take it all for sure
but I think I went up from the poor

(Repeat chorus