Bird Watch
Lyrics: R.Wahlström  Music: P.Myrsten/O.Myrsten

The birds are flying high tonight
they're high up in the sky
The birds are keeping out of sight
and you are asking why
Well, look around you, be aware
and you must contemplate
the mist and sorrow everywhere
at ever higher rate

The robin flew to Africa
saw children starve and cry:
where is papa, where is mama
they say they had to die

The falcon headed down to Rome
for comfort by the Pope
but he was busy in his dome
relief beyond the scope

(Repeat chorus)

An old man spotted by the crow
in Santiago's park
His costume white like falling snow
but specs and soul are dark

The hawk took off for eastern land
in search for rightful gods
In Bangkok, Madras, Samarkand
found poverty in pods

(Repeat chorus)

His last cigar Fidel has smoked
yet pigeons smelt the weed
from tainted laws and rights revoked
the salsa lacking speed

Not far away from me and you
the little sparrow comes
In Berlin's streets, and Malmö's too
again hears boots and drums

(Repeat chorus)