Forever Won't Last
(Lyrics & Music O. Myrsten)

Are you going away or
are you going to stay
you're so fine, wanna make you mine
hope you stay cause I want yo play
with you all day

You shouldn't be so
doubtful cause you know
life won't last for eternity
loves a game that is so subtle
so be with me

Forever won't last, another morning has just past
Forever won't last, time is precious you'd better move fast
Forever won't last, this meeting my darling could be our last
Forever won't last, hold me baby you know it will make you glad

Don't you need someone
I'll be staying around
just for you, and that's the truth
think before you waste your youth
I need you

And if you should cry
you'll be home and dry
I'll be there to wipe your tears
have no fear and volunteer
for love is near

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, if you'll be mine
time won't pass us by
we'll be one 'n don't care about time
two is strong, you know that's right
come tonight

Alone is always weak
speed'll be at its peak
you can't deny that love is life
feel its passion or you'll die
in your mind

Let's live here and now
My heart beats so hard
Beats for you and the things we do
This I think, we should not let it
come to nothing

(Repeat chorus