Heart and Mind
Lyrics: P. Myrsten, Music: P. Myrsten/O. Myrsten)

There is something about you
that I can't resist
A feeling within me
so hard to dismiss

Like a whirlwind at autumn
you're spinning around
where ever you're going
and inside my mind

My heart tells me one thing
My mind another
I want and don't want you
to be my lover
When you are with me
I want to get close
There's a lot to win
but so much to lose
Time is against us

The more you are talking
the more I like you
Well, that is unusual
from my point of view

I'm impressed by your manner
so pretty and cool
You just make me want to
forget all the rules

Repeat chorus

You are full of surprises
What can I expect?
You keep me at distance
When will I connect?

It is hard to accept it
I can't wait for years
It will take too much patience
and too many tears

Repeat chorus