Kingston Raod
(Lyrics & Music: O. Myrsten)

There goes a boy
He's glad, yeah he's full of joy
He thinks the world is wonderful

But on the other side
a child gets no food, he starves
Oh why? Is this how it should be?

Justice isn't fair enough
It doesn't cover all of us
Be brave instead and show your foe
that you're not bad and then just go

I Wanna change the world,
with or without you
I wanna change the world,
I hope you want it too
I wanna change the world,
aggressions will not last
I wanna change the world,
the future has no past

Well children play their games,
without knowing that one day
their lives will be swept away

Everybody's on the dole,
and they've got no control
they're all ruled from up above

(Repeat bridge and chorus)