Late Night Thoughts
(Lyrics & Music: P. Myrsten)

I'm lying in my large bed
Not able to fall asleep
So many thoughts in my head
Oh, of people I meet

A man took me by surprise
Worked at an office first but
He wanted to change his life
Oh, he now drives a bus

I'm watching news at TV
The anchor's beautiful eyes
Seem to be looking at me
Oh, don’t tell me why!

Ordinary people
People like you and me
Have a lot in common, yeah
but everyone’s unique
Try to see the good things
in everyone you meet
Someone out there waits for you
if you just start to seek

A very long way from me
a man is working so hard
Growing a pineapple tree
Oh, in his backyard

I'm running off to the hills
I'm gonna dig me a cave
Oops, sorry let me refill
Oh, it's a king's grave

I can't compete with a king
There is no reason to try
Cause I have nothing to win
Oh, don't tell me why!

Repeat chorus

I'm walking in the main street
A girl is singing a song
She smiles when our eyes meet
Oh, then she is gone

Out in the forest one day
Looking for a pot of gold
A troll is blocking my way
Oh, I turn back home

Of all the thoughts in my head
one is telling me to buy
a new little less large bed
Oh, don’t tell me why!

Repeat chorus