(Lyrics: P. Myrsten, Music: O. Myrsten)

Life was nice and I thought it would always be
I thought that forever there would be you and me
I was so sure, let's say I knew that it would last
But for some reason things are changing very fast

The stars shined bright high up in the sky
We didn't ask where, when or why
There were no questions, only answers
We were singers and we were dancers
We were like stars in the sky

We are lost in no man's land
Before we had such a nice plan
It was about the future and
Then we believed but now we can’t

If this is the end you know I will miss you
It doesn't seem so now but you will miss me too
We will think of all the nice memories we have
Of our time together, wonderful but sad

We were so happy, we always smiled
We watched the stars high up in the sky
It was like a beautiful dream
But we woke up with a scream
Gone were the stars in the sky

Repeat chorus