Lyrics: P. Myrsten, Music: P. Myrsten/O. Myrsten)

Have you ever kissed a princess?
I have
I would have been happy with much less
I would
I hadn't done anything to deserve
to be with her

Could lips be so soft?
Is this an illusion?
I don't want to see
no signs of conclusion

I just want to live
for this very moment
love arrows hit me
from one thousand bowmen

I ask how she is
She says she feels just fine
She gives me a smile
and then her lips meet mine

Repeat chorus

Angels in the snow
We see the big dipper
It is upside down
but sure it does glitter

Then we move closer
but anyway we are
Many thousand miles
away from the stars

I'm holding her hand
while looking out in space
It is getting cold
We go home to my place

Repeat chorus

The water doubles
the three church towers
I want to sit here
with her for hours
Beautiful fires
are flaming tonight
I am kissing her
and holding her tight

Repeat chorus

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