Real or Not
(Lyrics & Music: P. Myrsten)

I wonder so was she real or not,
the girl I was with last night
I could feel her skin, I could feel her breath
We were close, I held her so tight

It was wonderful, yes it really was
I wish I could get back there
I would like to go thru all this again
Nights like this one are just so rare

But where is she now?
Why am I here alone?
If she wanted me,
why I am on my own?
I was walking on clouds
Only dreaming my dreams
I must have been blind
Right now everything seems
strange and unreal

A star falls down from the sky tonight
But I am wishing nothing
I don’t need anything I haven’t got
I’m lying in a boxing ring

You may punch me once, but not ever twice
I’m not repeating mistakes
I don’t know why I feel for you this way
You have floored me and my head aches

Repeat chorus twice