The Passage of Life
(Lyrics & Music: O. Myrsten)

I'm leaving you
Leaving for a lonesome lonely road
And I never wanted to walk this road alone
But still

Baby you know that
It's the only thing to do
We could not get much further
And it's all because of you
You hurt me more than ever...
That's why I'm leaving you

I'm leaving town
This place will just be like your crown
Though it might not be so clever to be all that well-known

I look into the mirror
And I think I am alive
I've left you all behind me
Though it’s hurting it's so sublime
When I look into the mirror...
It's the mirror of time

I'm on my way
I'm no longer feeling all this pain
You begged me for forgiveness and that has kept me sane

In spite of all your actions
I've crossed that point of life
When it's worth to live it
And the passage out in sight
It looks just like a jungle...
And now I'm finally through

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