Three Long Years
(Lyrics & Music: P. Myrsten)

I wish I was good looking
and could get anyone
But now I am the one I am
and that is also fun

I wish that I was taller
and lived in USA
But if it was that way I would
not be here today

It feels like I was lucky
to be put in this class
To feel at home with these people
is a simple task

For three long years
we've been going to this school
Now we're gonna party
for three years in a row
People tell me
I did spend to little time
on teachers and homework
but I will do just fine

Here I met my first love
For some reason I thought
we would be together always
A lesson I was taught

At first I thought I knew her
But that was pretty wrong
She might have loved me a little
but that was not for long

Suddenly she told me
I love you as a friend
Then I couldn't believe my ears
I thought my life would end

Repeat chorus

I've had a lot of fun here
I hope it will extend
So I can live in happiness
forever with my friends

Tonight it is all over
Tomorrow emptiness
will surely cover all of us
But I'm not in distress

From now on we are free to
do whatever we'd like
The great time that we now will face
nothing is alike

Repeat chorus