Welcome Home
Lyrics: P. Myrsten, Music: O. Myrsten)

Welcome home Steve, nice to see you
Boy what we have missed you
Years came and went, complete silence
We thought we had lost you

You changed your mind, you came back here
Now let us celebrate
You're among friends, we all love you
We will make your life great

If you're starving, I am hungry
If you're freezing, I am cold
If you're lonely, I'll be with you
When you're aging, I'll be old

In our childhood we were best friends
But it came to an end
We almost forgot each other
But now you're back again

First the robbers, then the women
Made their best to split us
All the things we had in common
Did no longer fit us

(Repeat chorus)

Welcome home Steve, it's an honour
To have you back with us
You know we will be here for you
Anytime you need us

Every weekend we will party
Just like in the old days
Finally you found your way out
of the giant cold maze

(Repeat chorus

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