When I Think of You
(Lyrics & Music: P. Myrsten)

Happiness fills me when I think of you
That's when I start to discover
You mean a lot to me, you really do
Hope we will be friends forever

So I go home again
Alone again
Every hour
You would be good as mine
but the time
isn't ours

You are so wonderful
So beautiful
I just love you
If you were with me now
I would show
that it is true

(Repeat chorus)

It's when you look at me
and talk to me
I can feel it
Even in the worst of storms
you are warm,
nice and thoughtful

Seems you love everyone
here around
and everything
You have a heart of gold
Never cold
You’re amazing

(Repeat chorus)

Gossip, evil rumours spread
What did you do in my bed?
Angry people hit my head
They may want to see me dead
I don't care 'cause

(Repeat chorus)

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